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Goal Setting 2013

Want to get better at something?  Setting a goal is a great way to do this.  Here are some tips:

Your goal should be an activity and not a result.  Here is what I mean: If you want to be a black belt in 8 years your goal should NOT be, “become a black belt in 8 years.”  Your goals should be the specific activities that will get you to the result that you want.  In this case, you could set goals to train an average of 6x per week, take a private lesson once a month and compete at 2 tournaments a year, etc.  This type of goal setting is much more likely to produce the result that you want.

Keep both long and short term goals.  It is good to have goals for the long term.  However, sometimes it’s necessary to make weekly, daily and even hourly goals.

Don’t tell people about your desired result.  Keep it a secret.  You should only ask folks to help you stay on task with your activity goals.

You need to plan for failure.  If your goals are legit and not too namby pamby you will fail from time to time.  You’ll have to find your way back after this.  You will get sick and there will be schedule conflicts that will prevent you from achieving your activity goals.  Give yourself a fresh start.  Don’t beat your self up.  Just get back to work.

January 1st is a fine time to set goals but don’t limit yourself to this date.  Now, go set some goals and see the difference it makes in your life.

-Tizzle Out


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