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How much does jiu-jitsu cost per month?

The question of “…how much does it cost?” is the number one question we get asked.

The answer is: first it’s free, and then it’s priceless. Now I know that sounds a little cheezy, but it the truth. Whether it’s a $300/mo famous Gracie school, or a $50/month purple belt garage school; almost all high quality schools have the same basic offer. Free to try it, to find out what it’s worth to you.

When I first started back in 1999 Jeff Hudson was teaching a class that I just wanted to watch. He told me “You can’t tell anything from just watching. Come out on the mat and try it.” and Jeff was absolutely right.¬†Watching Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and experiencing it are very different things. During that first lesson I was paired with a small blue belt that had been training for about 2 years. Itchacu weighed nearly 100lbs less than I did, and he caught me (made me submit without hurting me) seven times in six minutes, taking the time to reset after each catch, and shake my hand. I was hooked. I could never have learned how powerful the advantage you could get from the leverage developed by Helio Gracie, to help the smaller opponent submit larger and much stronger opponents, by simply watching. For me this was a transformative experience.

Though I was pretty broke at the time, I found that jiu-jitsu lessons had a lot more value to me than I had thought. This is why we encourage everyone to try a class for free. You’ll quickly find out if jiu-jitsu is for you. After that, if you sign up, most people are paying $119 / month for unlimited training with a 30 day money back guarantee (cancel at anytime within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your dues).

First it’s free, then it’s priceless.

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