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Upper Arlington Jiu -Jitsu started partnership between three friends, and training partners who are Relson Gracie black belts in BJJ. It has since evolved into a co-op community of instructors and students that all grow by sharing knowledge.

By Learning You will Teach, by Teaching you will learn

Relson Gracie is the second oldest son of Helio Gracie. Relson is noted as the “street” Gracie. While he has a tremendous mind for sport jiu-jitsu, and has contribute to the success of countless world champions, his philosophy is centered around self defense. He insists that his black belts not only do well in the sport, but have a complete understanding of self defense.

Relson Gracie jiu-jitsu has it’s roots in the community through four stripe Relson Gracie black belt Dr. Jeff Hudson of Hudson Spinal Health and Wellness. Jeff was a Columbus, Ohio taekwondo practitioner that saw some Gracie tapes back in the early 90s and decided to test it himself. He was so impressed he started training in Torrance with Royce and Rorian Gracie, and bringing them out to Columbus for seminars, forming the 2nd Gracie training association in the United States. Jeff was even a founding investor in the UFC, with an ownership stake that I’m sure he wishes he still had.

When Royce couldn’t come to Columbus any more due to his UFC training schedule, Rorian sent his brother Relson. Jeff quickly developed a tremendous respect for the technically, some would say ruthlessly, efficient jiu-jitsu of Relson. Over the years the Columbus training association flourished and became a full fledged academy. Relson sponsored the Arnold Classic jiu-jitsu competition in it’s early years, making Columbus a mini-Abu Dahbi, attracting world class competitors like Saulo Ribero, Xande, Cristiano Marcello, Pe de Pano, Fredson Aves, and many others; most of whom would hang out and train with us, or come back and give seminars.

Most of the Ohio jiu jitsu scene started with Dr. Jeff Hudson. His students include Robin Gieseler of Gracie Ohio in Westerville, Shaun Chitwood of Chitwood Brothers from Mansfield, and Chris Blanke of Toledo Jiu-Jitsu Center, and the instructors that run UA Jiu-Jitsu, among many others.

At Upper Arlington Jiu-Jitsu we try to uphold the culture that Jeff Hudson created. We never hold back answers or instruction, and are fundamentally curious and respectful of other views, while working to develop the most efficient and effective jiu-jitsu possible.

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