UA Jiu Jitsu

Three Gracie black belts joined together in 2011 to open a unique school in Columbus, Ohio. Located north of OSU in Clintonville, UA was founded on the principle that students progress the fastest with a program of mixed level basics. Beginners and advanced adult students grow together. Black belt instructors and small class sizes mean we are able to work with individual students to help them learn faster. Stop in and take a free intro class, and find out what jiu-jitsu has to offer. Saturday Class at UA

Kids Anti-Bullying and Self Defense Program (On summer hiatus!)

No child should be afraid to attend school because of bullying. We have a comprehensive kids program designed to build practical skills that any child can apply, including basic verbal conflict resolution strategies. kids self defense jiu jitsu

Women's Self defense Program

6:00PM every Thursday. First class is free. OSU students are welcome. It's fun, and a good workout. The focus is a practical application of realistic self defense. Thursday night Women's Self Defense